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NASA Exceptional Service Medal 2 Exceptional Service Medals
March 26, 1965
August 1, 1966

An Exceptional Service Medal is awarded for significant, sustained performance characterized by unusual initiative or creative ability that clearly demonstrates substantial improvements in engineering, aeronautics, space flight, administration, support, or space-related endeavors which contribute to the mission of NASA. All members of Gemini crews were awarded this medal for participating in building the bridge between Gemini and Apollo.

"As Command Pilot of Gemini X, he executed difficult orbital maneuvers to rendezvous and dock with a separately launched Agena Target Vehicle, used Agena propulsion to rendezvous with a second, passive Agena, and ventured further into space than man has to date. His skillful performance in proving the feasability of optical rendezvous added greatly to the confidence in space flight techniques necessary for accomplishment of future missions."



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