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NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal Outstanding Leadership Medal
October 1, 1992

"Today, we're here to honor one of NASA's finest and an authentic American hero if there ever was one... He had the right stuff before we even had a name for it."
- NASA Administrator,Dan Goldin

Established by NASA on July 29, 1959, this medal is awarded for notably outstanding leadership which has had a pronounced effect upon the aerospace,technological or administrative programs of NASA. The medal may be awarded for an act of leadership or for sustained contributions based on an individual's effectiveness as a leader, the productivity of the individual's program, or demonstrated ability to develop the administrative or technical talents of other employees. It may be awarded for a single accomplishment or for sustained contributions. An astronaut must have served as Commander or Payload Commander to be eligible for this award.

NASA Press Release
"Astronaut John Young Honored for 30 Years Service"

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