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Photo obtained from Johnson Space Center archives -
NASA Photo ID: S82-33391

Date Taken: 07/12/82

STS-4 Commander Ken Mattingly and Pilot Henry Hartsfield discuss mission events with astronauts and administrators during a post flight crew debriefing held in a JSC conference room.  Seated around the conference table  clockwise (from lower left) are astronaut William B. Lenoir, Hartsfield,  Mattingly, astronaut Robert F. Overmyer, astronaut S. David Griggs, astronaut  Karol J. Bobko, astronaut John W. Young, administrator George W. Abbey, and  astronaut Vance D. Brand.  On the perimeter of the room are astronaut George  D. Nelson (left) and astronaut Francis (Dick) Scobee (right). 

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