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Photo obtained from Johnson Space Center archives -

NASA Photo ID: S83-35798

Date Taken: 06/27/83

View of the STS-7 crew debriefing after having completed their mission. Robert L. Crippen, crew commander, is at the right end of the table. To his left is Astronaut John W. Young, Chief of the Astronaut Office. Others at the  table, left to right, are Dr. Sally K. Ride, John M. Fabian and Dr. Norman E.  Thagard, all STS-7 mission specialists; Frederick H. Hauck, pilot; and George  W. S. Abbey, Director of Flight Crew Operations. In the background are, left  to right, Astronauts Henry H. Hartsfield, Jr., STS-12 commander; Dale A.  Gardner and Guion S. Bluford, Jr., both STS-8 mission specialists; and  Richard H. Truly, STS-8 commander. Above the chalkboard is a hand drawn sign  that reads "Well Done!" On the other wall are photos of other shuttle crews. 

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