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NASA Photo ID: STS51D-9091
Date Taken: 04/12/85

Title: STS 51-D crewmembers depart KSC's operations and checkout building Description: STS 51-D crewmembers depart the Kennedy Space Center's operations and checkout building on their way to the launch pad for the launch of the Discovery. Leading the seven are Karol J. Bobko (center of frame), commander; and Donald E. WIlliams (right), pilot. Following are Rhea Seddon, Jeffrey A. Hoffman, S. David Griggs -- all mission specialists -- Charles D. Walker and U. S. Senator E.J. (Jake) Garn (partially obscured behind Walker), both payload specialists. Partly visible in the doorway are Astronaut John W. Young and George M.S. Abbey, Director of Flight Crew Operations.

Photo obtained from JSC Digital Archives

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