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NASA Photo ID: KSC-01PP-0217
Date Taken: 01/31/01

Inside the air lock in the Space Station Processing Facility, a technician points to part of the equipment. Watching her are (left to right) cosmonaut Yury Usachev (back to camera), astronaut Susan Helms (seated), astronauts James Voss and John Young, who flew on mission STS-1. Voss, Helms and Usachev will be flying on mission STS-102, launching March 8, to the International Space Station. The air lock will be carried to the Station during their tenure in space. STS-102 will be Helms' and Voss's fifth Shuttle flight, and Usachev's second. They will be replacing the Expedition One crew (Bill Shepherd, Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev), who will return to Earth March 20 on Discovery along with the STS-102 crew.


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