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    Biography - Awards

    Awards from the Georgia Institute of Technology

    Distinguished Young Alumni Award - 1965

    Purpose: To honor a young alumnus who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in his/her profession and significant service within the community.

    Joseph Mayo Pettit Distinguished Service Alumni Award - 1972
    (Distinguished Alumnus Award - also previously known as the ANAK Service Award)

    Presented March 30, 1973

    Purpose: The highest award conferred by the Institute and the Alumni Association

    Eligibility: Any alumnus or honorary alumnus who has distinguished himself/herself by exceptional and outstanding support of the Institute and Alumni Association throughout a lifetime and who has provided leadership in his/her chosen profession and local community

    Exceptional Engineering Achievement Award - 1985

    Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni - 1994

    The Academy recognizes alumni who have made significant contributions to the profession, the Institute, or society at large. Individuals receiving this award are widely respected, recognized for their professional and personal success, actively involved in engineering or management, and bring distinction to Georgia Tech. Capt. Young was one of the charter inductees.

    Georgia Tech Alumni publication articles mentioning Capt. Young:

    "Sputnik to Space Shuttle"

    "The Moon, Mars and Beyond"
    by Hoyt Coffee

    "The Job's the Right Stuff"
    by Jerry Schwartz

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