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    Young accepts National Space Trophy

    Johnson Space Center Space News Roundup - March 24, 2000

    JSC Associate Director (Technical) John Young, veteran of Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle missions, received the National Space Trophy at a March 10 black-tie celebration at Space Center Houston. Several JSC employees received Stellar Awards from the non-profit Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation, established in 1985 by the Space Center Rotary Club to recognize individuals who have made outstanding achievements in space, creating a greater public awareness of the benefits of space exploration.

    Young was selected for the NASA astronaut corps in September 1962 after serving 10 years in the U.S. Navy. He made a total of six space flights, Gemini 3, Gemini 10, Apollo 10, Apollo 16 and STS-1, the first space shuttle flight aboard Columbia in April 1981, and STS-9. From 1973 to 1987, he served as chief of NASAís Astronaut Office and helped plan 25 space shuttle missions. He later moved into space shuttle flight safety, as well as new space shuttle and space station development arenas. In his current position he oversees engineering and safety control for all center programs and activities.

    Other award winners included JSC Flight Director Bob Castle Jr. who received a Stellar Award for his outstanding leadership in the development of the flight control team operations concept and Russian interfaces to support the International Space Station.

    JSCís Kriss Kennedy was honored for his significant contributions to the TransHab project, the design of the ISS alternative crew quarters, and the Mars Combo-Lander project.

    JSCís Dr. Helen Lane earned a Stellar Award for her outstanding scientific accomplishments in nutrition and food science that have advanced the understanding and application of nutritional concepts for life in space and on Earth.

    Dr. Dave Williams received a Stellar Award for his achievements and leadership in neuro-science research and excellent management of the Space and Life Sciences Directorate at JSC.

    Also receiving a Stellar Award was JSCís Mark Bowman of Wyle Laboratories for his commitment to a working U.S-Russian partnership and his superior performance in integrating U.S. hardware into Russian space vehicles.

    And JSCís Dana Weigel, of Barrios Technology, earned a Stellar Award for her dedication, professionalism, and technical excellence in developing the Extra-Vehicular Activity procedures and conducting crew training for the successful third Hubble Space Telese servicing mission.

    Also receiving Stellar Awards were Del Freeman Jr. of Langley Research Center, for outstanding technical and leadership contributions to the development of advanced space transportation systems; Dr. Martin Weisskopf, of Marshall Space Flight Center, for scientific expertise, technical insight, leadership, and dedication as project scientist for the Chandra X-ray Observatory; Lorin Blewett, of Boeing, for his expertise in staged combustion rocket engines and successful management of the Space Shuttle Main Engine Development and Flight Operations Program; Larry Clark, of Lockheed Martin, for pioneering efforts in developing in-situ resource utilization technologies for use in reducing the mass and cost of planetary exploration; Dave Cochran, of Kistler Aerospace, for exceptional level of professional responsibility and technical leadership as structures manager for the K-1 Fully Reusable Launch Vehicle Program; Jeff Kincaid, of Boeing, for engineering leadership of the X-33 Linear Aerospike Rocket Engine Development Program teams; Charlie Murphy, of United Space Alliance, for establishing the NASA Shuttle Logistics Depot in Florida and for his leadership in transitioning it to United Space Alliance; and Dr. Kitt Reinhardt, of the Air Force Research Laboratory, for significant contributions to reducing the cost and enhancing the capability of future space power systems.

    Four teams received Stellar Awards: JSCís X-38 Project Team, NASAís Chandra X-Ray Observatory Team, the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket Team, and the Student Tracked Atmospheric Research Satellite for Heuristic International Networking Experiment Team.

    Finally, a special award was given to honor the NASA KC-135 Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program for creating a unique and highly innovative engineering and science education initiative which inspires and challenges hundreds of students and teachers across the United States.

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