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    Other Awards

    Boy Scout Rank - 2nd Class

    boy scout boy scout

    Sudburyan Medallion
    July 1971
    receiving medal

    Honorary Chiefs' Award
    December 11, 1971

    Presented at the Vehicular Assembly Building at KSC and accepted by Astronaut Donald Peterson on Young's behalf - presented by the Florida State YMCA Indian Guide Pow-wow.

    Special Award
    Religious Heritage of America, Inc.
    June 23, 1972

    Presented in Washington DC to the Apollo 16 crew, accepted by Charlie Duke on behalf of the crew.

    "While their journey was scientific in nature to explore the highlands on the surface of the Moon and from orbit to improve our knowledge of the origin and evolution of the Moon, their flight exemplified the verity that ours is one world under God with one Brotherhood of Man. Their unselfish dedication and devotion to this vision and this ideal of Man was in the highest tradition of our religious heritage."

    The Audie Murphy Patriotism Award
    July 4, 1974

    Presented at the Spirit of America Festival in Decatur, Alabama

    Hubbard Medal
    The National Geographic Society
    September 10, 1981

    The Hubbard Medal, named for Gardiner Greene Hubbard, first National Geographic Society president, is awarded for distinction in exploration, discovery, and research. The medal was presented to Young and Crippen "for extraordinary contributions to man's scientific knowledge of space beyond our world."

    The Order of California
    State of California
    April 15, 1981

    Presented by California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr.

    Tuss McLaughry Award
    American Football Coaches Association

    The Tuss McLaughry Award, established in 1964, is given to a distinguished American (or Americans) for the highest distinction in service to others. It is named in honor of DeOrmond "Tuss" McLaughry, the first full-time secretary-treasurer of the AFCA and one of the most dedicated and influential members in the history of the Association. This award was presented to John Young and Robert Crippen.

    Spirit of St. Louis Medal
    ASME International

    The Spirit of St. Louis Medal is awarded for meritorious service in the advancement of aeronautics and astronautics. The medal was established in 1929 by Philip D. Ball, ASME Members, and Citizens of St. Louis, Missouri..

    Forest McFarland Award
    Society of Automotive Engineers

    The Engineering Meetings Board, which is responsible for the development and organization of SAE's International Meetings and Specialty Conferences, sponsors a program to recognize:

  • Outstanding voluntary contributions to the work of an SAE Engineering Activity or Professional Development Committee.
  • Unusual leadership in the planning of SAE technical sessions or Professional Development Seminars.
  • Outstanding contributions to the overall planning of technical meetings, conferences, seminars, or TOPTECS.
  • Outstanding contributions to SAE Activity committee work in the form of innovation, operation, meeting structure or format development.

  • This program has been designated as the Forest R. McFarland Award. The late Mr. McFarland left a bequest to SAE for supporting a program of this type. Mr. McFarland was, himself, an outstanding organizer, a Chairman of the Passenger Car Activity, and a member of the EMB.

    Young was cited for his contributions to technical sessions at SAE international meetings and conferences.

    The Brackley Trophy
    from the United Kingdom

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