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Orkney Science Festival/Techfest '96

Orkney Islands/Aberdeen, Scotland
September 1996

"Seldom does one get the privilege in life to actually meet ones hero but even less seldom do they actually live up to that status - John Young certainly did."
Michael Wright, from Scotland
(after meeting John Young in 1996)
Michael Wright with John Young

"[Young] was a charming and erudite man whose obvious professionalism and dignity shone through. We chatted for ten to fifteen minutes and it was a mesmerizing experience to actually be discussing things with someone you admire so much. He had time for people and showed wonderful patience when people asked him, for I'm sure the millionth time 'what was it like to be on the moon? '."
- Michael Wright

Photos by Jeff Dugdale

Young presenting Michael Wright with photo

" my astonishment he called me forward and in front of all these dignitaries presented me with a picture of him saluting on the moon with a note on it reading ' To Michael Wright - Thanks for a wonderful stay in Scotland' signed John Young NASA Astronaut. I couldn't have been more thrilled."
- Michael Wright

Photos by Keith McNeill

Young Young
Highland Council HQ

"...Young with some of the Trustees of the Fresson Trust posing in front of the Dragon Rapide which was the aircraft used by Ted Fresson on the first flight to Orkney. The photo was taken just after landing at Kirkwall Airport. Our aircraft had flown on formation with the Rapide for a short time as we approached Orkney. Prior to landing Young had also been invited to take the controls of our aircraft so I can always say that I've flown in an aircraft piloted by John Young!!!"
- Keith McNeill

Photos by Keith Wilson

Young Young


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