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International Lunar Conference

Waikoloa, HI
November 17, 2003

"Human beings have to keep exploring because it's their future."
- John Young, 11/17/03

    "Does anyone know what a super volcano is? You don't? Well, ok - a super volcano is one that can do harm..."
    - John Young, 11/17/03

    "We're now at the point we can't do it with our muscles - we need to do it with our brains."
    - John Young, 11/17/03


    "If the back side of the moon was facing us, we'd really appreciate impact processes."
    - John Young, 11/17/03

"Two dinosaurs are talking to each other, and one says to the other,

'Don't you think it's about time we learn to deflect asteroids?'

...Well, I think it's time we did, too."

- John Young, 11/17/03

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