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National Space Trophy Award Ceremony

Space Center Houston
March 10, 2000

Young "This award is long overdue for John Young. I know of no better engineer... He worries about the right thing - and really understands what you need to worry about. John is a great hero."
- George Abbey, 3-10-00

"I used to sort mail for Dr. Gilruth, deciding what was important and what wasn't; but he told me, 'If you see a memorandum from John Young, I want to see that, because that's the best engineer I've got at this center.'"
- George Abbey, 3-10-00

Screen captures reprinted by permission from
Special thanks to Ron Marans and Christopher Trela

Young "George sure said a lot of mighty nice things that I've never heard before until this moment."
- John Young, 3-10-00

"H.G. Wells said it best many years ago. He said the future is a race between education and catastrophe. When we make this great progress that we need to make to learn to live and work on other places in the solar system, then I think we'll be able to win that race to tomorrow."
- John Young, 3-10-00

"What exploration is all about is preserving our species over the long term."
- John Young, 3-10-00

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