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NASA Photo ID: S-78-27527

Date taken: March 22, 1978

Astronauts John W Young, right, and Robert L. Crippen sit with six other astronauts on dais during press conference, March 22, 1978, in JSC's Building 2 small briefing room.  Young will serve as crew commander, and Crippen, pilot, on the first mission of the Shuttle orbital flight tests (OFT) to begin in 1979.  They were interviewed by newsmen here, as were the members of the three other OFT crews.  Young is a veteran of two Gemini and two Apollo flights.  Crippen joined NASA in September 1969 from the USAF Manned Orbiting Laboratory Program, and he served ona 56-day simulation of a Skylab mission. 

Source: NASA photo in my possession

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