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Resources and Credits
The sources listed in this Bibliography section were used for the information, photographs, and drawings on the John Young web pages.

I would also like to thank the many individuals who have either provided information, gave permission to use their works, pointed me in the right direction, or simply provided moral support. A few of those individuals are listed below - I've also included their countries to illustrate what is meant by "International Hero"...
John Bisney (USA)
Henry Casselli (USA)
David Craig (USA)
Phil DePauk (USA)
Charles Fox (USA)
Marcy Frumker (USA)
Leah Garchik (USA)
Roger Guillemette (USA)
Al Hallonquist (USA)
Frank Hughes (USA)
John Keller (USA)
A.R. (Andrew) Lindsay-O'Neal (USA)
Gerry Montague (USA)
Rich Orloff (USA)
J.L. Pickering (USA)
Cindy Schellenberg (USA)
Wayne Smith (USA)
Glen Swanson (USA)
Kipp Teague (USA)
Chris Trela (USA)
Paul Wagner (USA)
Glen Swanson (USA)
Bruce Watson (USA)
Michael Wright (USA)
Mike & Terri Zitaglio (USA)
Ian Bennie (Australia)
Tony James (Australia)

Adam Bootle (England)
Francis French (England/USA)
Mick Hyde (England)
Lindsey McFadyen (England)

Ed Hengeveld (Netherlands)
Mark Plas (Netherlands)

Jeff Dugdale (Scotland)
Stuart Forbes (Scotland)
David Gardner (Scotland)
Iain Gow (Scotland)
Roderick MacDonald (Scotland)
Keith McNeil (Scotland)
Steve Proctor (Scotland)
Adam Smith (Scotland)
Robert Synge (Scotland)
Keith Wilson (Scotland)
Michael P. Wright (Scotland)

Carole Roberts (South Africa)

Special thanks to the folks at NASA Headquarters and the National Air and Space Museum who have patiently allowed me to go through their historical files year after year after year....

And, last, but not least, thanks to the past, present, and future members of the US space program - for providing inspiration and motivation...
I have attempted to obtain permission for the use of materials not in the public domain. If you retain the rights to an item that I haven't contacted you about, write or call:
    Dana Holland
    Navarro College
    3200 W. 7th Ave
    Corsicana, TX 75110
    (903) 875-7355
In almost all cases, crew and missions photos are Copyright NASA. Exceptions will be noted with the individual photograph.

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