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C. Fred's Story: A Dog's Life
C. Fred Bush (edited by Barbara Bush)
1984, Barbara Bush
Doubleday and Company, Inc.
Garden City, NY
ISBN: 0385189710

Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys
Michael Collins
1974, Farrar, Straus and Giroux: New York
19 Union Square West
New York, NY 10003
ISBN: 0374119171

Charlie Brown & Charlie Schulz
Lee Mendelson, in association with Charles M. Schulz
1970, United Feature Syndicate, Inc
World Publishing Company
New York

Frank Borman with Robert J. Serling
1988, Frank Borman and Robert J. Serling
Silver Arrow Books: New York
William Morrow and Company, Inc.
105 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10016
ISBN: 0688079296

Countdown to Glory: NASA's Trials and Triumphs in Space
Kent Alexander
1989, Michael Friedman Publishing Group, Inc.
Price Stern Sloan, Inc.
360 North La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
ISBN: 0895867877

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