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The NASA Space Medals
Evans E. Kerrigan
1989, Evans E. Kerrigan
Medallic Publishing Company
PO Box 2211
Noroton Heights, CT 06820-0211
ISBN: 0962466336

NASA & The Exploration of Space
Roger D. Launius and Bertram Ulrich
1998, Roger D. Launius (and others)
Stewart, Tabori & Chang
U.S. Media Holdings, Inc.
115 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011
ISBN: 1556706960

NASA Visions of Space: Capturing the History of NASA
Robin Kerrod
1990, Robin Kerrod and John Strange
Multimedia Books Limited
32-34 Gordon House Road
London NW5 1LP
Courage Books
Running Press Book Publishers
125 South Twenty-second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
ISBN: 0894718533

Neil Armstrong: Space Pioneer
Paul Westman
1980, Lerner Publications Company
Minneapolis, MN
ISBN: 0822504790

The Night Sky Book
Jamie Jobb
1977, Little, Brown and Company
Boston, MA
ISBN: 0316465518

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