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September 28, 1962
Picture of the Week, page 2-3
September 27, 1963
"Head Over Heels for What's Out There", page 30-39
June 5, 1964
"Astronauts tell their stories: Pair Picked for Gemini" - John Young ("When I Came Aboard I Felt Like a Rookie") and Gus Grissom ("If It Goes Wrong I'll Be Responsible"), page 113-121
April 2, 1965
"Lift-off to New Space Era" - Miguel Acoca, Gus Grissom and John Young, page 34-42a
August 5, 1966
"Man's Highest Photos of Earth" - page 24-19
February 10, 1967
"Farewell to the Heroes" - page 20-31
May 19, 1967
"Schirra's Team Carries On for Apollo" - page 32-39
May 16, 1969
"Their Mission Is the Moon" - page 44-49
May 30, 1969
"Visions of the Lunar Voyage" - Albert Rosenfeld, page 48-53
June 6, 1969
"Barnstorming the Moon" - page 30b-43
June 20, 1969
"Our Happy Moon Journey" - Tom Stafford, John Young and Gene Cernan, page 40-45
May 12, 1972
The Beat of Life, page 7
December 29, 1972
"One Last Fiery Hurrah for Apollo" - page 6-8c
March 1981
"Space Chariot for the '80s" - page 44-50

April 20, 1965
"The Longest Step" - page 109-112

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