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National Geographic
March 1964
"Footprints on the Moon" - Hugh L. Dryden, Ph.D., page 356-401
January 1965
"The Making of an Astronaut" - Robert R. Gilruth, page 122-144
December 1972
"Apollo 16 Brings Us Visions from Space" - page 856-865
September 1973
"Exploring Taurus-Littrow" - Harrison H. Schmitt, page 290-306
March 1981
"When the Space Shuttle Finallly Flies" - Rick Gore, page 317-347
October 1981
"Columbia's Landing Closes a Circle" - Tom Wolfe, page 474-477
October 1981
"Columbia's Astronauts' Own Story: Our Phenomenal First Flight" - John W. Young and Robert L. Crippen, page 478-503
December 1981
"President's Report to the Members" - Gilbert M. Grosvenor, page 848-852
September 1983
"Spacelab 1: Columbia" - Michael E. Long, page 301-307

Newsweek, Inc.
10100 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067
March 29, 1965
"Voskhod versus Gemini" page 52-57
April 5, 1965
"Gemini: 'It Didn't Last Long Enough'" page 49-52
August 1, 1966
"Closing In on the Moon" page 52-54
May 19, 1969
"To the Moon (Almost)" page 66
June 2, 1969
"9.4 Miles to the Moon" - George Alexander, page 24-17
April 13, 1981
"Countdown for Columbia" - Sharon Begley, with Mary Hager and Jeff B. Copeland, page 71
April 20, 1981
"The Shuttle Blasts Off" - Jerry Adler, with Mary Hager and John Carey, page 44-45
April 27, 1981
"In Space to Stay" - Jerry Adler, with John Carey, Mary Hager, and Jeff B. Copeland, page 22-36

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