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Science Digest
The Hearst Corporation
New York
January 1965
"Our Next Adventure in Space" - page 48-57
April 1965
"Gemini - 10...9...8...7" - page 14-15
September 1966
(just a couple of photos)

Sky & Telescope
Sky Publishing Corporation
Cambridge, Massachusetts
July 1969
"Getting Down onto the Moon" - page 20-12
August 1969
"Pictures from Apollo 10" - page 90-94
September 1969
"The First Men on the Moon" - page 144-149

Smithsonian Associates
Washington, DC
May 1988
"The hairy ride aboard Gemini 10, a 'bridge' on our way to the moon" - Michael Collins - page 42-55

"John Young - One Man's Conquest of Space" - David J. Shayler
December 1998
"John Young at Aberdeen" - Jeff Dugdale, page 412

Palmer Publications, Inc.
Amherst, Wisconsin
July 1965
"Album - Gemini Flight" - page 23-30
Yearbook 1965
December 1972
"The Total Story of Gemini: Gemini-Titan 3" - page 15-14
February 1973
"The Total Story of Gemini: Gemini X" - page 5-13

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