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  Florida Today  New York Times 

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San Francisco Chronicle

"America Back in the Race"
April 15, 1981

Space Daily

"Astronaut John Young Talks About SEI and the Stars"
March 26, 1991

"John Young Sees the Moon as Steppingstone to Human Space Exploration"
April 3, 1991

"STS-1 Commander Still Ready to Don His Spacesuit"
April 12, 1991

"Astronaut Young Talks About Space Station, the Moon"
September 13, 1991

Spaceland News

"Apollo 10's Mission Outlined"
May 1969

"Apollo 10 Astronauts Say They're All Ready to Fly"
May 1969
Lee Holley

THE SUN (Baltimore, Maryland)

"Young says engine problems made Apollo 16 mission 'a cliff-hanger'"
May 4, 1972

"Craft 'really super,' says astronaut Young"
April 15, 1981
Albert Sehlstedt, Jr., Sun Staff Correspondent

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Astronauts' Families Survive Flight Trouble"
April 21, 1972

The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Washington)

"Essential Step Remains Before Man Makes Moon Flight"
May 11, 1969
Howard Benedict

"Astronauts Send First Color Photos After Flawless Liftoff"
May 18, 1969

The Sun-Sentinel (South Florida)

"Astronaut Young to Lead Observatory's Dedication"
February 8, 1976
Jim Ball
Sentinel Star Staff

"Spaceflight fits Young to a T, even on ground"
January 14, 1979
Jim Ball

"20 Years After 1st Space Flight, Young Still an Active Astronaut"
March 25, 1985
William Harwood, United Press International

Syracuse Herald-Journal

"Space Twins Switch Orbit"
March 23, 1965
Howard Benedict

"Families Thrilled"
March 23, 1965
William Clayton

"Beaches Jammed"
March 23, 1965
Hugh Mulligan

"Astronaut's Nurse Says He'll Be the First on the Moon"
March 23, 1965
Betty Carrollton

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  Florida Today  New York Times 

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