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    Pre-College "...brilliant boy, always a pleasure to teach."
    - Dinks Irick, second grade teacher
    (from "John Young - One Man's Conquest of Space")

    Cherokee Avenue School
    (Cartersville, Georgia)

    "...today he's gone farther than any student I've ever taught."
    - Dinks Irick, second grade teacher (from New York Times, 3-14-65)

    Princeton Elementary School
    (Orlando, Florida)

    "...a good natured person, but never one to push himself forward..."
    - Miriam B. Thomas, sixth grade teacher
    (from "John Young - One Man's Conquest of Space")

    Memorial Junior High School
    (Orlando, Florida)
    junior high
    - member of the Torch Society

    high school photo
    It was in high school that Young first touched the controls of an airplane - a PT19:

    "I only touched them, and I was scared to death. But it sure was a lot of fun."
    John Young, 1966

    Orlando High School
    (Orlando, Florida)
    high school
    - straight-A student

    - member of National Honor Society

    - played football (right guard) and ran relay in track

    - at graduation in 1948 awarded the Guernsey Good Citizenship Cup, the highest honor for a senior, chosen by the faculty

    high school

    College "One of the finest things I learned at Tech was how to work unreasonably long hours for days on end."
    John Young (Atlanta Journal, 4-6-81)

    Georgia Institute of Technology     (http://www.gatech.edu)

    - Graduated 1952, Magna Cum Laude, second in his class

    - B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering


    "A college friend recalled his 'doodles' as contraptions of Rube Goldberg complexity and madcap design."
    - New York Times, 3-14-65

    - Member of Anak Society

    An organization at the Georgia Institute of Technology, founded in 1908 and unique to Georgia Tech, which honors seniors who have shown both outstanding leadership and a true love for Georgia Tech. Membership is considered to be the highest honor a student can achieve at Georgia Tech.
    - Member of Navy ROTC

    - Made straight A's, and double-A's in naval science, chemistry, and Spanish during his first quarter

    - During this period spent some time on the USS Missouri with future Apollo 10 crewmate Tom Stafford.

    "He didn't say much, but when he spoke, everybody listened."
    - Teeter Umstead, a classmate
    (Atlanta Journal, 4-6-81)

    - Member of Sigma Chi     (http://www.sigmachi.org/body_index.html)

    The standards for admission to Sigma Chi:
    • A Man of Good Character.......

    • A Student of Fair Ability.......

    • With Ambitious Purposes.......

    • A Congenial Disposition.......

    • Possessed of Good Morals.......

    • Having a High Sense of Honor and A Deep Sense of Personal Responsibility.......
    - Member of Scabbard and Blade     (http://www.scabbardandblade.org/exfivstr.htm)
    The primary purpose of Scabbard and Blade is to raise the standard of military education in American colleges and universities; to unite in closer relationship their military departments; to encourage and foster the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; and to promote friendship and good fellowship among the cadet officers. The Society also disseminates knowledge of military education to the students and people of the country. In general, they acquaint the people with our national defense needs.

    Membership in the Society is by election only and is a lifetime membership. It is divided into four classifications: active, alumni, associate, and honorary. Active members are chosen from outstanding cadets and midshipmen who have attained both an academic sophomore status and second year participation in Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force ROTC programs at the institutions where the company is located. Alumni members were active members that have graduated and are no longer enrolled in ROTC or the university. Associate membership includes civilian university officials, faculty members, and active or retired commissioned officers. Honorary members are civilians elected to membership in the Society for their achievement of distinction and their valuable service in the promotion of national defense. Since 1904-1905, 231 companies have been installed across the 50 states of this nation and Puerto Rico.

    - Young was the first Georgia Tech alumnus to be selected as an astronaut

    "There's no sense in gaining knowledge unless you're going to do something with it..."
    John Young, October 16, 1998

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