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    Flight Statistics

    Young in plane "...a test pilot's test pilot..." Young

    - More than 15,275 hours flying time in props, jets, helicopters, rocket jets and spacecraft

    - More than 9200 hours flying time T-38s and spacecraft

    "...like my old flight instructor used to say, 'You don't learn nothing on the ground.'"
    - John Young, Florida Today, 4-10-96

    Young and Crippen in T-38s
    Young and Crippen over the launch area

    "a real golden arm pilot and everything you'd want in a test pilot--smart, understands the engineering, knows the difficulties, trusts the engineers, and has a tremendous sense of humor."

    - More than 15,000 hours training time, mostly in simulators and simulations

    "An old test pilot's adage is that if a red light flashes, tap it with a hammer to see if it goes out. Young went one better - he kicked the control panel ."
    - from "The Space Program Quiz & Fact Book", page 77

    Young Young
    Young after practicing in the STA

    - 6 space flights
    Gemini 3
    Gemini 10
    Apollo 10
    Apollo 16

    "I am one of the luckiest men in America because I take trips into space and call it work."
    - John Young

    - 835 hours in space flights

    - 2 flights to the Moon

    - Apollo 10 (in orbit)

    - Apollo 16 (lunar landing)

    - One of the 12 moonwalkers

    STS-1 crew arrival at Patrick AFB

    Art copyright Ed Hengeveld
    Reprinted with permission

    "They call us moonwalkers, but they ought to call us moonworkers - 'cause that's what we did..."
    - John Young, October 16, 1998

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