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"I think the next great achievement, even in this century, will be learning to live and work on another planet."
- John Young, Houston Chronicle, August 1996

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"If you're looking for someone to command the first mission to mars, I'd be proud to nominate John Young."

- George Abbey, 7-19-02
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"Heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences."

HERO: A man admired for his achievements and noble qualities

The term "hero" has a different meaning for everyone. Some people choose professional athletes as heroes; other people choose entertainers. While there are entertainers and sports figures that I admire, I don't classify them as heroes. I reserve the word "hero" for someone who has done something of benefit to the human race and who isn't after personal gain - someone who is just doing their job and in the process has touched us all. One person who fits my definition of the word "hero" is John Young.
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"John Young is my hero. There is not anyone that will be able to surpass what John Young has been able to achieve."
- Jerry Ross, NASA astronaut, shortly before his 7th flight

"The courage and skill with which you have met challenges at the various stages of America's space program reflect your own vitality and the genius of the American spirit. On behalf of a grateful nation, I salute you."
- President George Bush, October 1992 - from a letter congratulating Young on 30 years with NASA

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