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    "John Young is an American treasure."
    - anonymous

    "Out-bloody-standing!!! You've done a marvelous site on a spectacular person! Thanks for the effort - thanks to him for the dedication, integrity & love he has given to the space program for 40+ years!!!"
    - anonymous

    "Thoroughly enthusiastic from the early Gemini right into the shuttle program, the natural born astronaut."
    - Roland Suhr, Germany

    "I don't care how many Shuttle flights anyone else does they will never have the kind of experience Young has aquired. He is simply the man. No doubt about that. John Young will always be my favorite astronaut out of the whole group thats ever been selected since day one. You just gotta love a guy who stayed with it all the way from Gemini through the first flights of the Space Shuttle."
    - Patrick Scott Owen, North Carolina State University

    "I enjoyed your comments about John Young. I had the privilage of serving in VF-103 with him back in the 50's. He was always a first class pilot and a gentleman. Truly an American hero for our Space Program.. Thanks again!!"
    - Dale Waba, Madison, SD Lake

    "While it was cool to see a Mercury astronaut (Glenn on shuttle) fly in my lifetime and actually remember it (I was born in 1967 and missed all of Mercury and Gemini, and barely remember Apollo), I always felt that getting Young back up would be a PR bonanza for NASA.

    Young's flight wouldn't have the sexiness of Glenn's, but for a money-hungry NASA it would be a great 2nd act. Can you imagine the story of an astronaut that has been active for 40 years, walked on the Moon, and flown every spacecraft except Mercury, going back up and building the ISS or repairing Hubble?

    Glenn's flight taught our ignorant and jaded public about Mercury and the "Right Stuff." Young's flight would educate then about Gemini and the fact that there were 9 lunar flights and not just 2 (Apollo 11 & 13).

    Medically speaking his flight would do more to advance science than Glenn's because NASA has a much more detailed history on Young, although we know that had little to do with sending Glenn back up.

    If anyone has earned his seat, it's John Young. While everybody else is retired and making zillions from their Apollo-era service, Young still goes to work everyday as a humble astronaut intent on advancing the cause of space exploration, knowing that politics will probably prevent him from ever going back up. He has earned the hero title and deserves to fly again."
    - John M. Burton, Tranquillity Base Today

    "I am a fan of the link John Young represents from Gemini to Shuttle, more than the person himself... Young's amazing career is fascinating...

    I propose that every astronaut who flew was a well trained , courageous person who performed his assigned duties with the assistance hundreds of thousands of tradespeople , technicians , designers and managers - regardless of the individual personalities.
    - Martin, Australia

    "...'American and *International* Hero' is so right. I’m from Italy, and he’s been a hero for me since at 14 I watched Columbia’s glorious lift-off and flawless landing for the very first time...the whole Space Program is a work of art, and John Young is one of its strongest columns."
    - Paola, Italy

    "John Young inspired me to to pursue an aviation career through his exploits in our nation's space program. While knowing I could probably never become an astronaut, I figured flying as an airline pilot would be the next best thing. I've flown DC-9s, 727s, 737s and am currently flying an L-1011. If only Captain Young could realize how many lives he has touched and inspired by his example. As a side note, I wrote to Captain Young prior to his flight aboard Apollo 16 wishing him and his crew good luck. Imagine my surprise when 10 days before the launch I received a VIP pass from him to attend the launch of Apollo 16 where he was training to go to the moon and he found time to read my letter and invite me to the launch. A classy guy the likes our space program will probably never see again. He is at the top of the list of those who count and who have contributed to the initial exploration of space. Thanks for everything, Captain Young."
    - Alan Fritsche

    "John W. Young has been one of my favorites since the early days of the manned space program - a very unique man...We know that somewhere in the midst of our excitement, emotions, and pride [for the space program] John Young is right there with us. He is still there, and NASA and the rest of us are the better because he is. God Speed John W. Young."
    - George P. Butler

    "We Don't Have Heroes Like Them Anymore"
    by Al Hallonquist
    We Don't Have Heroes Like Them Anymore

    "I just wanted to let you know my mom went to school at Princeton Elementary when John Young attended. For years she followed his career. She had a scrap book where she kept some articles about him. She showed it to me when I was a boy. Now, I don't even remember much of what she told me about him but I remember she told me he was a good student...John Young is surely 'The Best of the Best'."
    - Jay Johnson

    "Yes, he is truly a hero and a very big one too!!! I have been a great fan of John Young for the last 11 years and one of my biggest hopes is to see him fly again..., he deserves to fly again more than any other astronaut!!!! I repeat: he deserves to fly again!!! - it cannot be said often enough. What a great salute it could be."
    - Kasper W. Andersen

    "I just finished visiting your web page. I must congratulate you for an outstanding job, marvelous, excellent research. John Young always has been my astronaut hero and I like to read more about his life and his contributions to space flight. I remember when I was a kid watching on TV the landing of STS-1 and telling my friends that the commander of that mission went to the moon on AS 16 and this was his 5th flight. I was thinking that I know a lot about Young's life but I must tell you, that I don´t know much after I read your page. This is one of the most important tributes to one of the most important human beings that has explored space. John Young has been since the beginning of space exploration, always collaborating with new ideas, new approaches to problems and outstanding leadership. I remember the chapter of the book One Small Step by Tim Furniss, where Furniss named Young as "The Astronaut". I feel that he deserved to command the First manned flight to the ISS. We need more people like him to start the colonization of the Solar system. We need to go back to the moon and I think that without him inside this will be a more difficult job.

    Thank you for honoring my greatest hero."
    - Ricardo Salamé Páez
    "I first met John Young in 1967...I think he was the hardest working astronaut through three programs (Gemini,Apollo,Shuttle). A real class act...I was always impressed that he would fly the weather evaluation flights prior to other people's shuttle launches. Hard work!"
    - Harry Conner, former Rockwell International engineer
    John Young autograph

    "I can remember standing out in the backyard with my grandmother when Sputnik had flown over the U.S. Just seeing it made me wonder what it would be like to be flying through space. Although it was a very frightening sight for many people to see this thing flying over OUR country, I couldn't help but to be overwhelmed at the sight of this object flying amongst the stars. I can also remember my 3rd grade teacher hoarding us into the auditorium to see our first manned flight of Alan Shepard, on this tiny black and white television. The excitement that I had then, as a child, is still present in me almost forty years later. And I just have to thank you for making this website available for the world to see. Although NASA provides a site for space-buffs to read about the biographies of all of the astronauts that have flown, they certainly don't come anywhere close to the feeling I got after reading YOUR accounts of John Young the astronaut, and John Young the person. What a wonderful tribute you have created for a well deserved person. Unfortunately, working in Washington D.C., there is very little excitement or support for the space agency. Our politicians up on the hill seem to prove this out every year when the budget is being debated. What we really need is another president like Kennedy and Johnson in office, to reinvigorate our space policy for the present and the future. We need a vision for our future in space to be put in motion by the very people who first took us there, the likes of John Young and the other pioneering astronauts, before they are no longer with us. "
    - Phil Krajecki

    "He's my hero of the most revealing moments in the history of flight was the moment when Young circled the shuttle on the ground at Edwards, pounding his fists in the air, unable to control his exhilaration. For a man who had lived his life as a pilot, a man for whom FLYING was everything, this was the feeling of knowing that finally, after basically just RIDING and TWEAKING THRUSTERS on rockets, he had actually FLOWN a craft through space and to a safe and secure landing. This was the first true space PILOT's mission...for every pilot on earth, he had just connected flying with space."
    - Michael Buxbaum

    "John Young is one of my favorite people of all time, too. I first met him at the opening of Space Center Houston. He was playing with one of the 'shuttle landing simulators' that the public can try. Of course he landed it right on the money when nobody else could come close."
    - Richard Orloff - author of "Apollo by the Numbers"
    Orloff photo
    Orloff photo
    John Young at Grand Opening of Space Center Houston - 10/16/92
    Photos courtesy of © Richard Orloff


    "John Young is my hero as well. As a boy, I was completely absorbed in the space program, particularly the last three Apollo missions. Commanding the... shuttle missions firmly establishes him as the most experienced, persistent and competent astronaut ever (and it will be quite a while before anyone supercedes his accomplishments)."
    - T. Helgason

    "Young is my favorite too. I regard him as the last of the REAL astronauts. I have had the great pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions. A very interesting personality...with a great sense of humor."
    - JL Pickering


    "I also consider him my hero and admire him a great deal...let's get him back into space!"
    - Ann Nelson

    "I was privileged to live in Brown Dorm at Georgia Tech as a neighbor of John in 1948-49. Everything about him was extraordinary, from his arrival at the dorm on a very small motorcycle, to his ability to soak up formulae and facts like a sponge. I count it a privilege to have known him and and do consider him to be a national hero."
    - Dick Robinson

    "Splendid page dedicated to a man who really deserves the name 'hero'. Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle - a remarkable career: simple competence, indeed, and the sort of professionalism which contrasts with the public's apparent view of space science -- risky, gung-ho and wasteful. I agree that his is the image to promote to gain public confidence in space exploration. I also appreciate the 'international hero' bit: as a European, I have to make do with US space heroes in fact and fiction. JWY is one for the world."
    - Martyn Horner

    "After perusing this site it is easy to understand why John Young would be your hero. He was completely unkown to me before, but you made this tribute interesting as well as educational- and I thank you. He does seem to be a 'down-to-earth' (bad pun intended) fellow."
    - Jane

    "You picked a very unique person whose space career is almost as long as the manned space flight program....Instead of just leaving the space program and earning millions that he could have easily gotten for book/movie/tv rights/private industry he has stayed with NASA and NASA is probably better for it...When I look at astronauts, I really admire John Young and Story Musgrave because of their work ethic and dedication to the job...Enough can't be said for John Young. From what I've seen and read I think he can handle another space flight."
    - Marvin Wickham

    "John Glenn Deserves to Fly, and So Does John Young"
    by Roger Guillemette
    If John Glenn Deserves to Fly, So Does John Young

    "John Young has been one of my greatest heros for many years. I have often thought a book or movie should be considered about his incredible journeys in space. The easiest way for me to summarize my feelings about John Young is that he is an "Astronaut's Astronaut". This guy has flown two Gemini, two Apollo (including a stroll on the moon), and two shuttles...he sure...continues to earn another ride as a fully qualified mission commander."
    - Chris Larson

    "The impact this man has had has just become obvious to me!!! [I] have just watched about 24 hrs. of NASA footage on the US space program non-stop. I am not a child; I am 34 years old today and just happened to have a collection of tapes. I've never fully realized what John W. Young has done...he has basically been there throughout the entire space program at an elite operational level. He was in Earth's orbit prior to my birth and was the first Shuttle commander. This man should be enshrined with the likes of Nelson and Washington. I truly hope this man has been given the honours he is due, and hope that all know of his rightful place amongst history's great unsung giants. Watching his exploits today has really given me a boost.

    J. W. sincere regards and respect."
    - Ron Saueracker. SGT, Royal Canadian Artillery, rtd.
    Portrait of Young

    "John Young certainly epitomizes the "Right Stuff"! Great people have that quality about them to inspire us to greater things."
    - Dave Hartzell

    "I definitely agree with your definition of hero. I enjoyed going through your site and learning about John Young, a true American Hero. Unfortunately, I had never heard the name before. I believe this shows a lackluster commitment we have to American History. I am glad you have provided me with the information and resources to learn more."
    - David Hoover

    Young autograph
    "As an 8 year old kid in 1965 I watched the liftoff of the Molly Brown with awe and Gus Grissom and John Young instantly became my heroes. Almost 35 years later they are still my number 1 heroes."
    - Mark Costa

    "The right stuff that dreams are made of"
    by Paul E. Wagner
    The right stuff that dreams are made of

    "You Americans look on John Young as a national hero. Well, from an Australian's perspective, I look on Young as an international hero and someone to be admired for his achievements by people interested in space, regardless of nationality. He's someone the world can admire, therefore I can understand why America is so proud of him."
    Joe, from Australia
    Young leap and salute logo


    "It was suggested in a letter to Florida Today that [John Young] should 'pay' for a seat on the shuttle. The question of whether or not be should have to 'pay' for a seat on a shuttle launch appears to be a political question posed by people inclined to the right of our political system. Just about every shuttle launch has an extra seat that is generally occupied by someone not needed, including congressmen...we have even lost a teacher in that seat. Politics aside, I believe that men like John Young and John Glenn paid for this extra seat a long time ago. I believe that if John Young wanted to fly the shuttle, then NASA should provide that extra seat for him."
    - Joe Faulds

    "With the technology advancement happening so fast I feel that sometimes we forget to stop and give honor to the people that have gone before us and made this all possible... [John Young] is a hero in my eyes and deserves the respect he has earned. ...I just wanted to let you know that there are still some of us young people that still honor and respect those leaders that have gone before us and made the world what it is today."
    - CTR2 Jason Mullenix

    Young with Rob and Craig
    Rob and Craig with Capt. Young

    " was simply an honor to meet a man who is such a vital piece of our nation's history with the space program."
    - Craig Harrison


    "I concur with your admiration of John Young. He has accomplished many unsung heroics in his time, but none so great as when he and Crip lifted off in STS-1, into a truly unknown and unproven world of space exploration. And, they did it quite admirably, too! All our astronauts are true heroes, and John is another fine example of American "can do" pioneering spirit. I salute him, and I salute you for recognizing his accomplishments which have been quietly overlooked by a public that only gets interested when something tragic occurs."
    - Marc W. McCord

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