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July 18-21, 1966

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Gemini X Flawlessly Makes Deepest Venture Into Space

Manned Spacecraft Center Space News Roundup - August 5, 1966
Gemini X's "way-out" crew John Young and Michael Collins Monday received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal at a combined awards ceremony and press conference in the MSC auditorium. In presenting the medals, NASA Deputy Administrator Dr. Robert C. Seamans cited Young and Collins for using the Gemini X Agena's propulsion to "venture farther into space than any men have to date."

"We've done a great deal more with Gemini than we originally intended," said Seamans. "Gemini has done more to open the way to the moon than we could have hoped for five years ago...With Gemini we've developed our ability to maneuver in space, to rendezvous and dock, and to use the power of an orbiting rocket as a switch engine in space... Gemini has enabled crewmen to demonstrate their ability to function effectively in and out of their spacecraft."

MSC Director Dr. Robert Gilruth added his praise to the organizations responsible for the success of Gemini X. "The Gemini X flight was by far the most complex mission to date in the Gemini series," said Gilruth. "Integration of the ground, space equipment, men and programs were pushed to a new level in this operation. In the Gemini X flight all worked virtually without a flaw. I'm proud of the entire government-industry team. Proud of the equipment, the launch vehicle, the spacecraft, the Atlas, the Agena, the EVA equipment, the ground net, and the whole effort."

Gemini X command pilot John Young said of the mission: "It was an ambitious flight plan and we knew that, too. I've always thought that the probability, statistically speaking, of doing everything we had in the mission was very low... But on the eighteenth of July, the boosters, the Agena, the Gemini, the launch crews, the flight operations people, and even the one thing we couldn't do anything about - the weather - was on our side."

Collins and Young narrated films and slides from the mission before the press conference was opened to questions and answers.

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