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Gemini 10

July 18-21, 1966

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Gemini 10 Experiments

Zodiacal Light Photography - to obtain color photographs of the zodiacal light (a cloudy, hazy, misty light seen in the west after twilight and in the east before dawn) and the airglow ( a faint background illumination of the night sky)

Tri-Axis Magnetometer - to monitor the direction and amplitude of the earth's magnetic field with respect to the spacecraft

Synoptic (Wide Angle) Terrain Photography - to obtain high-quality, small scale photographs of selected parts of the earth's surface for use in research in geology, geophysics, geography, oceanography, and other fields, and for use in planning photography for future space programs

Synoptic (Wide Angle) Weather Photography - to learn about the earth's weather systems as revealed by the detail possible from high-quality cloud photographs made selectively

Micrometeorite Collection - to collect micrometeorites to study the physical and chemical nature of interplanetary dust in its primary form

Ultraviolet Astronomical Camera - to test the techniques of ultraviolet photography under vacuum conditions and to obtain ultraviolet radiation observations of stars in the wave length region of 2000 to 4000 Angstroms by spectral means

Ion Wake Measurement - to determine and measure the ion and electron wake structure and perturbation of the ambient medium produced by an orbiting vehicle

Agena Micrometeorite Collection - to study the micrometeorite content of the upper atmosphere and near-earth space environment

Beta Spectrometer - to determine the radiation environment external to the spacecraft

Bremsstrahlung Spectrometer - to determine the Bremsstrahlung flex-energy spectra inside the Gemini spacecraft while passing through the South Atlantic Magnetic Anamoly regions

Star Occultation Navigation - to determine the usefulness of star occultation measurements for space navigation and to establish a density profile for updating atmospheric models for horizon-based measurement systems

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Young and Collins

JSC Space News Roundup Story
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"Gemini X topples records, achieves basic flight goals"

Young and Collins

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