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    John Young

    Young becomes JSC associate director

    Reprinted from JSC Space News Roundup, February 23, 1996

    JSC Director George Abbey has appointed veteran astronaut John Young associate director of the center, effective immediately. Young will be responsible for technical, operational safety and oversight of all programs and activities at JSC. He will be supported by representatives from Mission Operations, Flight Crew Operations, Engineering, Space and Life Sciences and the Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Directorates. Young was selected as an astronaut in September 1962. He is the first person to fly in space six times. His first flight was Gemini 3, the first manned Gemini mission, in March 1965. As commander of Gemini 10 in 1966, Young completed a dual rendezvous with two separate Agena target vehicles. On his third flight in May 1969, Young was Apollo 10 pilot. His fourth space flight, Apollo 16 in 1972, was a lunar mission, with Young as commander. The crew collected almost 200 pounds of lunar samples and drove more than 16 miles in the lunar rover on three separate geology traverses.Young's fifth flight was as commander of STS-1, the first flight of the shuttle in April 1981, with Bob Crippen as pilot. His sixth flight as commander of STS-9, was the first Spacelab mission in 1983.
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