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    Apollo 16 Crews Are Announced

    Previously published in the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center Roundup
    March 12, 1971
    The prime and backup crews for the Apollo 16 mission scheduled for launch in March 1972, have been announced.

    Prime crewmen are John W. Young, Commander; Thomas K. Mattingly, Command Module Pilot; and Charles M. Duke, Jr., Lunar Module Pilot. Backup crewmen are, respectively, Fred W. Haise, Jr., Stuart A. Roosa, and Edgar D. Mitchell.

    The lunar landing site for Apollo 16 has not yet been chosen; however, it will not be in a mare area.

    The mission will last approximately 12 days, including a stay on the lunar surface of about 67 hours. Young and Duke, using a Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) will have three periods of extravehicular activity on the lunar surface, totaling about 20 hours.

    Young will be making his fourth space flight. Mattingly, replaced as command module pilot for Apollo 13 after exposure to German measles, and Duke will be making their first flights.

    Previously published in the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center Roundup
    July 2, 1971

    16 Site Selected

    A mountainous highland region of the moon has been chosen as the exploration site for the Apollo 16 mission, scheduled to land on the lunar surface in March 1972.

    The landing point is Decartes, named for a crater and located about nine degrees east and sixteen degrees south of the center of the moon as viewed from earth.
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