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    Crews announced for STS-7, 8 and 9

    Previously published in the JSC Space News Roundup April 30, 1982
    Astronaut crews for the seventh and eighth flights of the Space Shuttle and the first Spacelab mission have been announced by NASA.

    Crewmembers for STS-7 are Robert L. Crippen (Captain, U.S. Navy), commander, and Fredrick H. Hauck (Captain, U.S. Navy), pilot. Mission specialist astronauts will be John M. Fabian (Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force) and Dr. Sally K. Ride.

    STS-7 is to be a six-day flight of the Orbiter Challenger, with a planned launch in April 1983. Its payloads are to be a German shuttle pallet satellite (SPAS), the second Office of Space and Terrestrial Applications instrument package (OSTA-2), a Canadian communications satellite (TELESAT-F) and an Indonesian communications satellite (PALAPA-B1).

    STS-8 is scheduled for launch in July 1983. Announced as mission commander is Richard H. Truly (Captain, U.S. Navy), and as pilot, Daniel C. Brandenstein (Commander, U.S. Navy). Mission specialfsts will be Dale A. Gardner (Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy), and Guion S. Bluford Jr., (Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force).

    This three-day mission is to be the third flight of Challenger. Payloads will be an Indian communications satellite (INSAT 1-B) and NASA's tracking and data relay satellite (TDRS-B), the second and final element in a system to give nearly full-time voice and data communication between orbiting Space Shuttles and mission control.

    The first flight of Spacelab - the joint project between NASA and the European Space Agency - is presently scheduled for launch in September 1983 aboard STS-9. Mission commander for the seven-day flight is to be John W. Young and pilot will be Brewster H. Shaw Jr. (Major, U.S. Air Force). Mission specialists will be Dr. Owen K. Garriott and Dr. Robert A. Parker. Additionally, two payload specialists - one each from NASA and the European Space Agency - will be named at a later date.
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