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Ad Astra
The National Space Society
922 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E.
Washington, DC 20003
July/August 1991
"100 Stars of Space" - John Young portion by A.R. Hogan, page 44

Air & Space
July 1994
"When We Last Saw Our Heroes" - page 54-61

Air Force & Space Digest
July 1969
"Next - the Landing on the Moon" - William Leavitt, page 46-47

All Hands
The Bureau of Naval Personnel Career Publication
April 1965
"Gemini" - page 11-14

Arizona Highways
April 1969
"Angel's Eye View of Arizona" - Herbert A. Tiedemann, page 10-31

August 1981
"Triumph over Tribulation: Space Shuttle" - Michael Boelke, page 6-12

Aviation Week & Space Technology
April 20, 1964
"Grissom, Young Selected for Gemini Crew" - William J. Normyle - page 38-39
July 25, 1966
"Gemini 10 Attains Apogee, Docking Goals" - Erwin J. Bulban - page 26-27
"Gemini 10 Advances Technology for EVA" - William J. Normyle - page 28-30
April 14, 1969
"NASA Readying Apollo 10 for Lunar Orbital Mission" - page 39
June 16, 1969
"Lunar Detail Documented by Apollo 10" - page 35
March 30, 1981
"NASA Presses Training in Gulfstreams" - Craig Covault, page 88
April 20, 1981
"Columbia Exceeds Flight Goals" - page 18-33
April 13, 1998
"1997 Laureate Awards" - page L1-L18

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