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An American Adventure in Space
1993, Reader's Digest Association, Inc.

Apollo 10: Green Light for a Lunar Landing

Apollo 16: Nothing So Hidden...

Apollo 16: The Men, Moon, and Memories
1997, Global Science Productions

The Apollo Legacy
1995, CNN Video, Turner Home Entertainment

The Dream Is Alive
1985, Smithsonian Institution/Lockheed Corporation

Exploring Our Universe
1991, United States Film Corporation

Find Your Way Back
1989, James M Cross & Pacific Video

The First Flight of the Shuttle Columbia
Finley-Holiday Film Corp.

For All Mankind
1989, Apollo Associates/FAM Productions

The Gemini Project
1996, International Video Corporation

The Greatest Adventure
1979, Video Associates

Hail Columbia
1982, IMAX Corporation

Incredible Shuttle
1987, International Video Corporation

John Young: The Ultimate Explorer
1983, BBC

1997 Johnson Space Center FOD Chili Cookoff
1997, JP Productions

The Legacy: 35 Years in Space
1997, International Video Corporation

Mercury & Gemini Spacecraft Missions
Finley-Holiday Film Corporation
Box 619
Whitier, CA 90608
(800) 345-6707 - (310) 945-3325

Moon Shot
1994, TBS Productions, Inc.

Moonwalker: The Apollo 16 Moon Mission
Duke Enterprises

1997, International Video Corporation

NASA: The First 25 Years
1987, GoodTimes Home Video

One Small Step for Man
MPI Home Video

Project Gemini: Bridge to the Moon
1997, Global Science Productions
PO Box 7310
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-7310
(310) 278-7655

Space Conquerers
1988, American Video
Encino, CA 91436

Space Exploration: A Team Effort
1972, Encyclopedia Britannica Educ Corp

Space Flight: Discovering the Final Frontier
1991, United States Film Corporation

The Space Shuttle
1994, Discovery Communications, Inc.

Space Shuttle: From the Beginning
1991, United States Film Corporation

Space Shuttle: Training/Facilities/Space Station
1991, United States Film Corporation

The Space Shuttle Story: To the Heavens & Beyond
1996, Finley-Holiday Film Corp

The Tribute: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo & Skylab
1991, United States Film Corporation

We Remember: The Space Shuttle Pioneers, 1981-1986
1988, Space Slides/Finley-Holiday Films

John Young Day in San Francisco
February 23, 2000
Charles Fox - California Academy of Sciences

John Young Interview/Chat
March 7, 2000
Mission Control Over! at

Rotary National Space Awards
March 10, 2000
Mission Control Over! at

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