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Miscellaneous NASA Publications

* indicates document in my possession
Analysis of Apollo 10 - Photography and Visual Observations
NASA SP-132, 1971

Apollo: Expeditions to the Moon
Edited by Edgar M. Cortright
1975, NASA

Apollo 10 Mission Report
NASA EP-70, June 17, 1969

Apollo 16

Apollo 16 Expedition to Descartes
NASA MR-11, 1972

Apollo 16 Preliminary Science Report
NASA SP-315, 1972

Apollo 16 Scientific Investigation on the Moon

The Apollo Spacecraft - A Chronology
NASA SP-4009 (four volumes), 1969-1978

Astronaut Fact Book
PMS-011C(JSC), February 1992
PMS-011D(JSC), August 1, 1993

Astronautics and Aeronautics
NASA SP-4010 - 1968
NASA SP-4014 - 1969
NASA SP-4015 - 1970
NASA SP-4016 - 1971
NASA SP-4017 - 1972
NASA SP-4022 - 1977
NASA SP-4023 - 1978
NASA SP-4024 - 1979-1984*
NASA SP-4025 - 1985

"Before This Decade Is Out...": Personal Reflections on the Apollo Program
Edited by Glen E. Swanson
NASA SP-4223
ISBN: 0160501393

The Best of NASA's Spinoffs

Chariots for Apollo: A History of Manned Lunar Spacecraft
By Courtney G Brooks, James M. Grimwood, Loyd S. Swenson
NASA SP-4205, 1979

The Early Years: Mercury to Apollo-Soyuz
PM-001(KSC) November 1985

Earth Photographs from Gemini III, IV and V
NASA SP-0129, 1966

Earth Photographs from Gemini VI through XII
NASA SP-171, 1968

Exploring Space with a Camera
Compiled and Edited by Edgar M. Cortright
NASA SP-168, 1968

Gemini Midprogram Conference
NASA SP-121, 1966

Historical Sketch of NASA
NASA Historical Staff, 1965

Interview with John Young Astronaut
NASA, March 17, 1983

"In This Decade....": Mission to the Moon
NASA, EP-71, 1969

Kennedy Space Center Story
NASA, 1973

Manned Space Flight Team
NASA EP-11, October 1963

NASA, The First 25 Years 1958-1993
NASA, EP-182, 1983

NASA Facts
291-G - September 1966 - "Gemini X: Multiple Rendezvous, EVA Mission"
1972 - "Apollo 16 Flight to Descartes"
JSC 04264 Rev D - 1984 - "Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center"
JSC 08062 - "Manned Spaceflight - The First Decade"
Manned Space Flight Projects Mercury and Gemini - 1966
JSC 12599 - March 1983 - "The Shuttle Era"
"Gemini Program Summary"

NASA Kennedy Space Centers Spaceport USA - English Tourbook

On the Moon with Apollo 16: A Guidebook to the Descartes Region
Gene Simmons
NASA EP-95, April 1972

Report to Educators
NASA - Vol. 9, No. 2 - Summer 1981
NASA - Vol. 10, No. 4 - Winter 1982

Project Gemini: A Chronology
NASA SP-4002, 1969

Space Transportation System - Flight 9 Overview

STS-1 Mission Report
NASA - MR-001 - 1981

STS-1 Flight Data File
Crew Activity Plan


STS-9 Flight Data File
Crew Activity Plan
Cycle 4 Trajectory


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