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May 18-26, 1969

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Northern hemisphere
"Hey, we've got a morning weather report for you. Portugal is clear. Italy is clear south of Rome...Bulgaria is clear but the rest of Europe is mostly under the clouds...Arabia appears clear. Israel, clear. Jordan, clear...that's your morning weather report from 100,000 miles."
- John Young, Washington Post, 5-10-69


"Of all the visions man sees from his new and precarious vantages in space, the most compelling is still the planet from which he comes. In the eye of Apollo 10's color TV camera, Earth is indeed the fairest object, the 'oasis' the Apollo 8 astronauts saw last Christmas on Earth's first manned mission to the moon.

For a stranger entering the solar system from the outer reaches of the Universe, surely Earth's mist-shrouded blues, browns and reds would be a goal to satisfy the utmost yearning. Set against the cold blackness of space, it would be a prize to draw bold and venturesome inhabitants of other planets across incredible distances. It would be a goal courageous strangers would endure incredible hardships to win...

The awe expressed by the intrepid Apollo 10 further reminder that the greatest space prize presently within man's comprehension is already in his keeping. And it is one to leave man wondering whether beings on other planets strive and dream as he does. For the moment certainly, it would not seem so. For what people on another planet could resist the vision in the eye of Apollo 10's TV camera?"

- Philadelphia Evening Bulletin editorial, 5-20-69


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"Color TV from space entertains and enlightens"
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