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Apollo 10

May 18-26, 1969

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JSC Space News Roundup Story
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"Apollo 10 splashes into ocean on target"

"Their courage and high technical skill were evident. There was total absence of posturing or pomposity. Notable, too, was the absence of false patriotism or of any attempt to use the space feat as the basis for claims of national or ideological superiority. The astronauts' personal behavior added a warm human luster to the superb scientific and technological feats they were and are performing."
- New York Times, 5-23-69


"There is absolutely no one I would rather have had waiting for us up there than John."
- Gene Cernan, Apollo X Anniversary, 5-28-99

"I greatly admire the courage of the American astronauts who never lost their sense of humor even in difficult situations."
- Dr. Vasily Parin, Soviet space biologist, Kansas City Times, 5-27-69

Shortly after the Apollo 10 crew were aboard the USS Princeton, Thomas O. Paine, NASA Administrator, made the following announcement:

"Eight years ago yesterday, the United States made the decision to land a man on the moon and return him safely by the end of the decade. Today, this moment, with the Apollo 10 crew safely aboard the USS Princeton, we know we can go to the moon, we will go to the moon. Tom Stafford, John Young, and Gene Cernan have given us the final confidence to make this bold step."


"The breathtaking virtuosity of Apollo 10's equipment and crew leaves little doubt that similar apparatus can deposit properly trained men on the moon and bring them back safely to earth - always barring the possibility of unexpected mechanical or other malfunction. At the cost of more than $20 billion the United States has acquired the capability of manned travel to the moon. Whatever the wisdom of concentrating such vast resources on the space race, the accomplishment is brilliant and merits awed congratulations for all those whose work and talent made it possible."
- New York Times, 5-25-69

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