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Apollo 10

May 18-26, 1969

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Video Clip
Another video of rendezvous with LM - 1.56mb

"Boy, this moon is lit up like a Christmas tree on the dark side. I don't see the lights, but it is well illuminated from the Earth"
- John Young, Washington Post, 5-12-69

Video Clip
Final docking of CSM and LM
onbclip03.mpg - 2.2mb

In a message to students during one of the television broadcasts, the Apollo 10 crew stressed the need for studying.

"You never get away from studying"
- Gene Cernan

"You know, you can study all your life, and you never finish studying. Here we are a quarter million miles from earth and we are still studying."
- Tom Stafford

John Young was shown upside down reading a manual.
Apollo 10 cover

lunar surface

While orbiting the Moon, the astronauts commented on the amount of noise that the LEM made, with Stafford stating that there were more noises than any other spacecraft he had been in.

Mission Control: "You've just never been inside a dog when it was barking and kicking and scratching fleas all at the same time."

Cernan: "This dog even wags his tail a little on the ascent burn."

Stafford: "And he chased his tail on staging"

lunar surface


A problem occurred during Descent Stage separation, momentarily causing Stafford and Cernan to lose control of the Lunar Module. An improper navigation system setting caused the LM to try to lock on to the Command Module rather than hold attitude. Stafford took manual control to solve the problem in less than 30 seconds.

"...the flight of Apollo 10 has shown something...about the durability of human nature...However rigorous the training, however unworldly and unreal the surroundings, man is still capable of awe, error, fright, outrage and - when the occasion calls for it - profanity. It's good to know."
- Washinton Evening Star, 5-23-69


After separating from the LEM, the astronauts became concerned when they spotted the descent stage in orbit below them. They were relieved when Mission Control assured them that they were in no danger of a collision.

"I don't want to play pushups with that rascal."
- John Young


Apollo 10 cover
Lunar module mock-up


"...[there is] much more that men have to learn about this puzzling neighbor in space."
- New York Times editorial, 12-5-71




"Congratulations on doing what I've been trying to do for a long time - signed, The Red Baron."
- congratulatory message from Mission Control after the lunar module was jettisoned, in reference to the make-believe battles between Snoopy and the Red Baron in the Peanuts comic strip

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