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OV-102 (Columbia)
April 12-14, 1981

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In-flight activities of Commander Young
Young in-flight activities
Young in-flight activities

Statements of gratitude from Young and Crippen while on orbit...
The vehicle is performing like a champ, real beautiful. And it's delightful up here in zero gravity, I might add. Of course, we owe this to a lot of people. There's one in particular I'd like to pay my respects to who, if he were here now, would really be having a lot of fun. He was a man for the country, there aren't many like him, Tiger Teague. I guess y'all know him...We certainly want to thank everyone who has helped get this thing airborne and we take great pride in doing so well right now.

I would like to echo John's words as I usually do. I guess being the so-called rookie on this flight I had a thrill from the moment of liftoff all the way up to what we are doing now. It has really been super, the spacecraft has worked as advertised all the way along...I think we have got something that is really going to mean something to the country and the world...I think it is only right that we mention a couple of guys that gave their lives a few weeks ago in our countdown demonstration test - John Bjornstad and Forrest Cole. They believed in the space program and it meant a lot to them. I am sure they would be thrilled to see where we have the vehicle now...
Young in-flight activities
Shuttle Control:
You guys are really working hard up there.

John Young:
You call this work?
After Columbia reached orbit, it was discovered that some of the shuttle's tiles had been lost during launch. There was some concern, but it was determined that the areas with missing tiles wouldn't cause a problem during reentry.
missing tiles
Missing tiles


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