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OV-102 (Columbia)
November 28 - December 8, 1983

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The experiments came from 14 countries, including ESA nations, the U.S., Canada and Japan.
The Spacelab mission returned 2 trillion bits of raw data - if reduced to printed form, it would equal about 5% of the information contained in the Library of Congress.

Young doing approach and landing training
Young in training
Young in training

Underwater training
Underwater training

Statement from President Ronald Reagan, November 22, 1983
Each time we send a mission to space, we enter an area stretching millions of miles beyond the surface of the Earth. This effort is the focus of the hopes, dreams and daring of innumerable men and women who have made it the last great frontier of human endeavor.

As we seek to conquer this frontier, we stand on the shoulders of giants of science out of the past whose scientific knowledge, like science itself, knows no international boundaries. It is most fitting then, that this ninth Space Shuttle mission, a true international cooperative endeavor, be devoted solely to the pursuit of increased scientific information in orbit.

Spacelab, which will orbit the earth in the Shuttle's cargo bay, is the first full-scale scientific laboratory to go into space. It was funded, developed, and built by the European Space Agency. I congratulate our European friends on this magnificent achievement. A dedicated team of European scientists and engineers worked ten years to complete it. The United States is proud to be a partner in what is the largest international space project in history.

Spacelab will open new opportunities for scientific research, experimentation, and expanded industrial applications to better our lives on earth and allow us to do work in space to create jobs on our planet. In future years, we will look back on this mission marking the first flight of a non-American aboard the Shuttle as a milestone in our international cooperative efforts to use space for peaceful purposes benefitting all mankind

We send our best wishes to the crew of the Columbia as they set out on their journey. May Captain John Young and Pilot Brewster Shaw, Mission Specialists Owen Garriott and Bob Parker, and Payload Specialists Ulf Merbold of ESA and Byron Lichtenberg all have a successful mission.

Bon voyage and God bless you.

crew training
Crew after training


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