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OV-102 (Columbia)
November 28 - December 8, 1983

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Launch of Columbia

Launch: 11:00 a.m. EST, Kennedy Space Center, Pad 39-A

Landing: 3:45 p.m. PST, Edwards AFB, Runway 17

Altitude: 155 nm
Inclination: 57.0 degrees
Number of orbits: 166

Duration: 247 hours, 47 minutes, 24 seconds


The major flight objectives of STS-9:
  • verify the Spacelab system and its subsystem performance capability, Spacelab's compatability with the orbiter, and measure the environment in and around the Spacelab
  • obtain valuable scientific and applications data from a common US/European multi-disciplinary payload and demonstrate to potential users of the shuttle/Spacelab system the broad capability of Spacelab for scientific research


STS-9 crew
STS-9 crew with autographs

Video Clip
Video clip of astronauts moving through tunnel - 1.38mb
STS-9 crew
STS-9 crew
The crew was split into two shifts, the red shift and the blue shift, each twelve hours long (with the red shift being on duty from 2:30 to 14:30 GMT). This allowed the scientific experiments to operate continuously. Each included a pilot, mission specialist, and payload specialist.

Red team: Young, Merbold, Parker

Blue team: Shaw, Garriott, Lichtenberg

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