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OV-102 (Columbia)
November 28 - December 8, 1983

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"As America's most experienced space traveler and one of the last of the old-time fighter jocks in the astronaut corps, Young and his wry brand of humor represent an important chapter in the 25-year history of the space age.

The shuttle and its orbiting laboratory just as surely represent another - one more step toward a permanent presence in space, and a sampling of the possible benefits from being there."
- Mike Toner, Miami Herald, 12-11-83
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Foil plate flown on STS-9

Video Clip
Video clip of muscle response experiment - 1.08mb

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Statement from President Ronald Reagan - 12-8-83

The whole world is delighted to see Columbia and Spacelab back on the ground, safe and sound after a truly successful 10-day adventure.

Our congratulations to the entire shuttle team - the astronauts as well as the thousands on the ground who made this mission possible. In particular, I want to thank the dean of American astronauts, Commander John Young, our German friend, Ulf Merbold, the European Space Agency, and all the folks at NASA. Well done!

Your great success is a shining example of what free people working together can do. This cooperative effort between Americans and Europeans will add to our treasure of human knowledge and be put to practical use, improving our lives on Earth.

New horizons have been discovered and old boundaries pushed back. It proves that there's never a time when we should stop dreaming. We will continue to challenge our imagination and aim high. The ultimate frontier of space will be a quest for mankind's highest aspirations - the opportunity for individuals, cooperation among nations, and peace on Earth.

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