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OV-102 (Columbia)
November 28 - December 8, 1983

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STS-9 banner
Crew discussing flight procedures
STS-9 crew discussing flight procedures
Young gets help with headgear
Young gets help with headgear


STS-9, also called STS-41A, was the first flight to use the three-digit flight number system. The first digit refers to the fiscal year - 4 = fiscal year 1984. The second digit is for the launch site: Kennedy Space Center is "1", while Vandenberg AFB is "2". The third digit is to indicate the order in which the mission was originally scheduled during that fiscal year. STS-9 was the first mission scheduled during the 1984 fiscal year.

NASA kept this naming convention even when the actual flight order of the missions differed from the original schedule. In 1988, NASA returned to the original naming convention with STS-26.

Pre-launch breakfast

STS-9 crew

on pad
Photo by JL Pickering


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