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OV-102 (Columbia)
November 28 - December 8, 1983

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"It is so neat up here!"
- John Young
Young at commander station
Young takes notes in the Commander's Station
Columbia experienced two failed computers, one of which was restored by Young and Shaw (only to fail again at landing). The cause of one of the computer failures was initially believed to be a sliver of solder 11-thousandths of an inch thick, dislodged when the thrusters were fired.

An IMU (inertial measurement unit) also failed during the flight. The IMU determines where the shuttle is in relation to a fixed point by measuring every motion of the ship.

At a post-flight press conference, Young remarked that when the first computer failed
" knees started shaking. When the next computer failed I turned to jelly.

"Our eyes opened a lot wider than they were before. And it's hard to get them closed again."

- John Young (Mission Report STS-9)
Video Clip
Video clip of a shuttle landing with hydrazine fire
up_apuex.mpg - 1.8mb
In addition to the computer and IMU failures, a fire, caused by leaking hydrazine fuel, started in the APU's (auxiliary power unit) during the shuttle landing, approximately two minutes before touchdown.
"...John was on fire when he landed; of course, he didn't know it at the time. He didn't find out about it until about a day later. But that's the best time to find those kinds of things out..."
- George Abbey, 3-22-00
APU's drive the hydraulic actuators that move the elevons, rudder, speed brakes, and body flap. They also provide the power for lowering the landing gear. APU's are used only during launch and landing. Although all three of the shuttle's APUs are supposed to be operative, two can control the descent.

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